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Cedar Pet Dog BedCedar Pet Dog BedYour cedar dog bed with removable cedar headboard keeps pet and pet bed area smelling fresh. Washable fleece mattress cover plus cedar infused into cotton-blend liner. Option to laser-engrave pet's name. Warranty against manufacturer's defect.
Dog Corner Bed w/ BolsterDog Corner Bed w/ BolsterAn extra large dog bed with bolster that fits in any corner.
18" Raised Single Mesh Dog Diner18" Raised Single Mesh Dog Diner
A 15" and 18" tall raised single mesh dog diner suitable for large dogs. This 3 quart dog diner is available in black with wrought iron base and stainless steel dog bowl.
Moretti Double Bowl Dog DinerMoretti Double Bowl Dog DinerModern tubular design of the Moretti double bowl dog diner ensures durability and sturdiness. Stainless steel dog bowls add to the splendour of your elevated dog feeder.
Swan Double Elevated Diner for DogsSwan Double Elevated Diner for DogsAn eye-catching and elegant double stainless steel bowl dog diner made with rectangular steel tubing and ornamental wrought iron. Quite an airy and modern dog feeder.
Southern Maple Single/Double Dog DinerSouthern Maple Single/Double Dog DinerFREE SHIPPING!! You will be stunned at the convenience and elegance of your classic, elevated, walnut top, southern maple wooden dog diners.

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Choosing a Dog Bed

Did you know that on the average, dogs sleep between 13 to 14 hours per day? Clearly, this is an important activity for your dog and every dog owner should ensure that his/her dog is resting comfortably during this time.

It follows then that choosing a dog bed for your beloved pet dog is an important decision. It is much more than simply providing a cushion for her to lie down. Remember your dog will be spending up to 14 hours each day in the dog bed, so you should make sure you purchase a durable dog bed.


Dog beds help cushion the joints and bones, especially for older, arthritic, overweight and large dogs. Good dog beds will provide comfort while relieving joint pains. Orthopedic dog beds are especially recommended for this group.

Dog beds can provide warmth and comfort to dogs. In cold winter, dogs can curl and "nest" comfortably in our Pet Nest dog beds, especially true for small dogs. You may even want to consider heated dog beds if your dog is a puppy, is ageing or suffers from arthritis.

Dog beds also provide dogs with a sense of security. "Nesting" creates a "wall" around your dog, hence giving your dog a sense of privacy and security. With proper dog training, your dog will learn to rest in dog beds/couches and stay off your furniture without your approval.

This helps minimize chances of furniture damage or dog injuries from jumping all over your furniture.

Certain dog beds can improve your dog's cleanliness and health. Cedar dog beds, for example, can help in flea management and prevent flea infestation in your dog. Cedar is a natural flea repellant.

Convinced that a good dog bed is at the top of your dog supplies list?

Consider also these things:

  • The size of your dog is critical, therefore you should choose a dog bed that will fit him as an adult. Remember dogs grow up pretty fast. Nothing else matters if you don't get the size right.
  • Select the dog bed that will be comfortable for your pet at rest. All dogs are different.
  • Check the quality of the material before choosing the dog bed and make sure that it is sturdy. You don't want your dog to make mince meat of its own bed.
  • Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor dog bed? Then consider factors like whether the dog bed has an inner wrap that keeps out moisture. Is there a waterproof dog bed available?
  • Is the dog bed washable?
  • What about the climate where you live? Make sure you choose a dog bed that is appropriate for that climate. Depending on the season, you might consider one bed for the cold season and another for the hot weather. A cold bed is not a comfortable resting place.
  • How will the dog bed look in your home? The color scheme of your home and the color choice of the dog bed? Have you considered a designer dog bed?
  • Does your dog have special conditions? Arthritis pains? Other aches? Stiffness? You might need to choose an orthopedic dog bed. You may also need to select an elevated dog bed.
  • Travel with your dog from time to time? Then you might need a portable dog bed.

It is clear that choosing a dog bed requires some consideration. It is more than saying "any old bed will do". Dog beds need to be functional. The ideal dog bed provides comfort for your dog, conserves your dog's body heat, is easily cleaned (washable dog beds), waterproof or moisture resistant and it should be durable. Once you consider your dog's needs, you will make the right choice for your dog bed.

Measuring your dog

If you don't get the right size dog bed for your dog, then it will be of no use. As a general rule, the dog should be measured while asleep and then add a few inches. Compare the measurements with the specifications of the bed and determine whether you need a small dog bed or a large dog bed.

You should make sure the dog bed you choose has enough space so the dog can move around in it easily. Your dog's rest should be relaxing and comforting, and not exhausting. Allow enough space for the dog to stretch its body.

Dog beds are no longer optional, and all designer dog beds are not the same!!

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