Designer Dog Bed (Blue/Pink)
Only $31.95
On SALE for only $28.95
Hottest looking dog bed in its class!!
Midnight Double Elevated Diner for Dogs
Only $114.95
An excellent design for large dogs!!!
Zebra Print Designer Dog Carrier Bag
Only $55.95
Attractive designer prints for these dog bags!
Moretti Double Bowl Dog Diner
Only $53.95
A sturdy and durable raised double bowl dog diner!!
Designer Noblesse Dog Gates
Only $199.99
On SALE for only $169.99
An exquisite dog gate for your doorway or the hallway!!
Designer PVC Print Dog Carrier
Only $85.95
On SALE for only $78.95
Attractive, stylish and classic designer dog tote bag!!
Designer Plush Dog Carrier Bag
Only $55.95
A designer dog hand bag that's soft and plush!!
Southern Maple Single/Double Dog Diners
Only $93.17
High quality wooden dog diner made in USA from southern maple wood!!
18" Raised Single Mesh Dog Diner
Only $75.95
On SALE for only $68.95
A sturdy 18" tall dog diner for large dogs!!
Dog Corner Bed w/ Bolster
Only $73.95
The perfect fit in your corner!
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Cedar Dog Beds

Our Cedar Dog Beds all have a unique coil cut that creates a springy cushion for your cedar pet dog bed. These dog beds with cedar also have the natural cedar aroma that reduces pet odors. Your cedar dog bed makes a good indoor cedar dog bed and it's also used as an outdoor cedar dog bed. They are all washable cedar filled dog beds.

Our Cedar Max dog bed is a pillow style dog bed with removable dog bed cover and the Cedar Max Plus dog bed has two separate liners filled with 100% Western Red Cedar coils. Your Cedar Max Plus dog bed also has Hypro-Loft fibers for exceptional loft retention. Another pillow cedar dog bed in the listing below is the Cedar Ultra dog bed. Your cedar pet dog bed is presented with a Sherpa top and packcloth bottom.

If the cedar pet dog bed you're looking for is an orthopedic cedar dog bed, then our orthopedic dog bed with cedar is your best choice. It is a pillow style cedar filled dog bed. Furthermore, this cedar filled dog bed has thick convoluted foam insert in addition to the cedar liner. Dogs with chronic pain will enjoy a comfortable and supportive rest on your orthopedic dog bed with cedar.

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  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Cedar Max Dog Bed
This cedar dog bed is lined with specially sheared cedar that creates a springy cushion. Removable dog bed cover. Washable dog bed. Use as indoor/outdoor dog bed. Another pillow style dog bed.
Item No. MAX
2.   Cedar Ultra Dog Bed
This cedar ultra dog bed is lined with specially sheared cedar that creates a springy cushion. Natural flea repellant. The dog bed is presented with a Sherpa top cover and cotton bottom. A washable dog bed.
Item No. U
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