Designer Dog Bed (Blue/Pink)
Only $31.95
Hottest looking dog bed in its class!!
Midnight Double Elevated Diner for Dogs
Only $114.95
An excellent design for large dogs!!!
Great Paw Designer Serenity Memory Foam Dog Bed
Only $143.99
On SALE for only $129.95
Poodles, pointers, puppies, senior pets all love this pet ortho dog bed!!
18" Raised Single Mesh Dog Diner
Only $67.95
On SALE for only $61.95
A sturdy 18" tall dog diner for large dogs!!
Zebra Print Designer Dog Carrier Bag
Only $55.95
Attractive designer prints for these dog bags!
Moretti Double Bowl Dog Diner
Only $79.95
A sturdy and durable raised double bowl dog diner!!
Designer Noblesse Dog Gates
Only $199.99
On SALE for only $169.99
An exquisite dog gate for your doorway or the hallway!!
Designer PVC Print Dog Carrier
Only $85.95
On SALE for only $78.95
Attractive, stylish and classic designer dog tote bag!!
Great Paw Designer Orthopedic Dog Bed
Only $207.95
On SALE for only $195.95
The Ultimate Designer Orthopedic Dog Bed!!
Designer Plush Dog Carrier Bag
Only $55.95
A designer dog hand bag that's soft and plush!!
Designer Wooden Dog Cottage House
Only $169.95
Such a cozy wooden dog house with fibreboard top!!!
Dog Corner Bed w/ Bolster
Only $73.95
The perfect fit in your corner!
Designer QPet Dog Bubble Jacket
Only $33.95
Attractive and stylish designer dog jacket!!
Dog Mat/Throw Rug
Only $11.95
A neat dual purpose small dog mat/throw rug!!
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Designer Dog Carriers & Bags

Hottest look in fashionable designer style small dog carriers, pet strollers and dog carrier bags. These trendy designer dog carriers are the perfect way to transport your well-traveled dog. For example, just take a look at this designer faux leather dog carrier bag or our weave-pattern dog carrier bag. We have portable dog carriers made of sturdy jacquard and polyester fabric which is also useful as a portable dog crate.

On this page you will also find a dog crate or a large dog carrier to suit your specific need. Examine the features of this large dog crate made from heavy gauge mesh, or look at this easily assembled small dog training crate. Our large puppy/dog training crate is a secure dog cage with latching devices.

The items on this page include small dog travel shoulder bags, dog sling shoulder carrier bags and dog hand bags. Some designs, favored by Europeans' fashion elite, are shown here as designer dog tote bags which include our classic designer dog tote bag and the canvas dog tote bag. The designer dog travel bags on this page are superbly upscale travel dog bags and hot fashion. Check out our dual dog carrier bag/purse with zebra print for two dogs.

See also this pink or army green camouflage dog purse carrier bag, the designer dog carrier/hand bag as well as the leopard print dog pet carrier. Our pet stroller carriers include the classic 3 wheeled pet stroller carrier, the cat dog stroller and the dog cat carrier on wheels.

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  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Dog Backpack/Pet Carrier
A unique dog backpack pet carrier with luggage-style telescopic handle and wheels. It has padded and adjustable shoulder straps for your comfort
Item No. 5003
2.   Stylish Designer Dog Backpack
An ideal designer dog backpack available in black or burgundy. This backpack dog carrier is suitable to carry up to 10lbs.
Item No. 3934
3.   Fashion Faux Crocodile Pet Carrier
A high fashion pet dog carrier with polyester lining. Your dog travel carrier features ventilation on three sides, zippered top and side openings and side pockets for treats and accessories..
Item No. 5005
4.   Designer Cat Dog Stroller Carrier
Fashionable and versatile 3 in 1 pet stroller, dog carrier and dog seat. Lightweight frame will hold your 25 lbs dog comfortably. An excellent cat dog stroller.
Item No. S004
5.   Designer Pet Stroller Carriers
Your designer pet stroller carrier comes in seven color options. Lightweight steel frame and a soft handle makes your cat/dog carrier easy to maneuver. Small and large dogs are accommodated in this doggie stroller.
Item No. 92152
6.   Classic 3 wheel Dog Cat Stroller Carrier
Three beautifully designed pet stroller carriers for your dog or cat. Made from Denier nylon your durable 3 wheel pet stroller is water resistant and carries up to 25 lbs.
Item No. S006
7.   Designer Dog Cat Carrier on Wheels
This multi-purpose designer cat dog carrier on wheels has a 37" handle height. Lightweight rust-resistant steel frame, water-resistant durable nylon fabric, nine pockets around the edge of your airline approved pet stroller.
Item No. S003
8.   Designer Houndstooth Dog Carrier/Hand Bag
A sturdy designer dog carrier/hand bag in three attractive colors. Made from polyester fabric with faux leather trim, this small dog hand bag accommodates up to 10 lbs. Ideal dog gift-bag!
Item No. 3912
9.   Small Designer G-Print Dog Hand Bag
Our small designer dog carrier hand bag is a useful shoulder carrier dog bag, dog gift-bag or airline approved dog travel hand bag, .
Item No. 0308
10.   Designer Dog Carrier Bag (G-Pattern)
A designer dog carrier bag with a carrying weight of 10 lbs., it's ideal for a dog gift hand-bag or a shoulder dog carrier bag.
Item No. 5006
11.   Great Paw Intrepid Soft Pet Carrier
A small soft designer dog tote bag available in pink and black color options. The Great Paw Soft Pet Carrier is compact and light and ideal for easy travel. Collapses in seconds.
Item No. SC07
12.   Designer Weave-Pattern Dog Carrier Bag
A lovely flower designed weave carrier bag for your dog complete with purse. Wear this dog travel bag as a shoulder dog bag, or just a small dog hand bag.
Item No. 295B
13.   Small Dog/Puppy Training Crate
A small dog/puppy training crate that is perfect for crate training your puppy. Easily assembled, 9 and 11 gauge plated wire, this puppy crate kit has a double diner bowl, rawhide bone and brush.
Item No. E430
14.   Designer Abode Soft Dog Crate
A soft-sided dog crate that's great for home and travel. Your ideal dog travel crate accommodates your puppy or large dog. A one-piece design soft dog crate that sets up and collapses in seconds.
Item No. SC02
15.   The Ideal Designer Dog Soft Crate/Bed
A durable lightweight designer dog crate/bed with water resistant properties. This designer dog bed provides excellent visibility and ventilation and it comes with many added features.
Item No. 9002
16.   Economy Dog Crates
Our Economy Dog Crates will accommodate breeds up to 85 lbs. The five variations in this dog crate are suitable for a permanent home or for travel. Made from heavy gauge mesh.
Item No. E4
17.   Great Paw Haven Soft Dog/Cat Playpen
A sturdy soft-sided dog/cat playpen that pops up and collapses in seconds. Heavy-duty mesh linings and carrying case allow great visibility, breathability, and transport of the playpen. Useful also as an indoor/outdoor dog crate. Metal stakes ensure playpen securely anchored to the ground.
Item No. SP02
18.   Designer Portable Dog Tent/Dog Home/DogCrate/Dog House
This lightweight and compact portable designer dog crate /dog tent combines innovative styling and heavy-duty construction. Suitable for indoor dog crate or outdoor dog crate. It takes 93% less space than other crates when folded.
Item No. 9001
19.   Classic Houndstooth Designer Dog Carrier Bag
An airline approved designer dog carrier bag with zipped front pocket and mesh top. Houndstooth fabric combined with faux patent leather adds class to your dog travel tote bag. Accommodates up to 10 lbs.
Item No. 3946
20.   Designer Pet Dog Carrier Bag on wheels
A high quality airline approved pet carrier on wheels. Attractive colors, removable bottom, shoulder straps, zipper opening are some features of your designer dog/cat carrier. Carries 20 lbs.
Item No. 3933
21.   Designer Polka Dots Dog Travel Tote Bag
A nylon PVC fabric designer polka dots dog tote bag available in two attractive color variations. Zippered mesh openings,airline approved, accommodates up to 10 lbs.
Item No. 3964
22.   Designer Weave Pattern Dog Shoulder Bag
A water resistant designer dog travel bag that's airline approved. Weave-pattern polymer exterior and shoulder strap makes an attractive dog bag.
Item No. 3922
23.   Zebra Print Designer Dog Carrier Bag
An attractive, trendy and textured PVC zebra print designer dog carrier bag with red or black leather trim. This small fashion dog travel bag can hold up to 8 lbs.
Item No. 3945
24.   Dog Faux Leather Carrier Bag
A top class airline approved comfortable faux leather designer dog carrier bag with large pockets. Equipped with mesh windows and leash attachment your black designer dog bag is simply elegant.
Item No. 3925
25.   Designer Dog/Cat Carrier Hand Bag
A gorgeous cheetah print dog/cat shoulder carrier hand bag. Complete with faux-leather trim, large mesh windows, dual shoulder straps and leash attachment, your dog travel bag is ready for any safari.
Item No. 3915
26.   Designer Dog Shoulder Sling Bag
A designer shoulder sling dog bag to carry your small dog in style. Also useful as a cat carrier bag, your pet carrier is lightweight and made with washable fabric. Available in pink and grey colors.
Item No. 3950
27.   Designer Soft Dog Travel Bag
This designer dog shoulder travel bag is soft and plushy. A small airline approved dog carrier hand bag, your dog travel bag carries 10 lbs.
Item No. 3949
28.   Designer PVC/Leather Dog Carrier Bag
A stylish upscale PVC/leather Designer Dog Carrier Bag complete with mesh windows, snap-on front and gold colored zippered pockets. Wear this dual-zippered top opening dog travel bag as a shoulder dog bag, or just a small dog hand bag.
Item No. 3960
29.   Designer PVC Print Dog Carrier
A classic designer print dog carrier bag, ideal as a dog travel tote bag, dog shoulder bag, dog hand bag or a dog gift bag.
Item No. 3958
30.   Hard Shell Dog Travel Carrier Bag
A fancy and fashionable water resistant designer dog carrier bag. Features include mesh windows, zippered front opening, flexible plastic exterior, and detachable shoulder strap.
Item No. 3990
31.   Designer Quilted Faux Patent Leather Dog Travel Bag
Attractively designed faux patent leather dog carrier black bag with pink trim. Ideal for taking out your small dog in style.
Item No. 3959
32.   Designer Plush Dog Carrier Bag
Your plush dog carrier bag is very soft and comfortable. Made of high quality soft mesh fabric with faux-leather trim, your airline approved dog carrier bag is a sophisticated item of high fashion accessory.
Item No. 3936
33.   Designer Dog Travel Carrier Bag
Your designer dog carrier bag comes in four attractive colors. It has an adjustable strap with padding, zippered side and top access. A fashionable dog carrier.
Item No. 3904
34.   Houndstooth Dog Travel Bag
Your upscale designer dog carrier bag is available in two sizes. Your dog travel bag is so sturdy and comfortable, both you and your dog will travel frequently.
Item No. 295A
35.   Designer Quilted Patent Leather Dog Carrying Bag
This quilted-patent-leather small designer dog carrying bag features dual front pockets, button down flaps and mesh openings. Take your best buddy out in fashionable style.
Item No. 3947
36.   Designer Dog Suede Shoulder Carrier
This classic designer suede shoulder carrier bag is suitable for carrying your small dog on your shoulders. Available in two colors.
Item No. 3909
37.   Designer Dog Travel Bag
Your dog travel bag is available in black and is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps as well as side handles. Zippered side pockets keep the accessories in easy reach.
Item No. 401
38.   Camouflage Dog Carrier Bag
Your camouflage dog carrier purse is available in two colors. It is an ideal dog travel purse and it can hold up to 10lbs.
Item No. 3916
39.   Designer Faux-Crocodile Dog Travel Bag
Check out this designer faux-crocodile dog travel bag in hot pink or black. Your dog bag comes with a matching accessory bag as well as tall detachable shoulder straps. A superbly upscale and hot fashion dog carrying bag.
Item No. 295
40.   Luxurious Leopard Print Dog/Pet Carrier
Such a luxurious leopard print dog carrier with added features. Leash ring for safety, dual hand straps and faux leather crocodile trim add to the glamor of this dog carrier bag.
Item No. 3942
41.   Great Paw Habitat Soft Pet Carrier/Crate
A very cozy small designer soft sided pet/dog/cat carrier crate made with high-density polyester and reinforced stitching. Great for indoors or outdoors the mesh screen windows and door provide superb ventilation and visibility. Free custom-fit Sherpa fleece foam mat included with the carrier.
Item No. SC06
All prices in US Dollars
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