Designer Dog Bed (Blue/Pink)
Only $31.95
Hottest looking dog bed in its class!!
Midnight Double Elevated Diner for Dogs
Only $114.95
An excellent design for large dogs!!!
Great Paw Designer Serenity Memory Foam Dog Bed
Only $143.99
On SALE for only $129.95
Poodles, pointers, puppies, senior pets all love this pet ortho dog bed!!
18" Raised Single Mesh Dog Diner
Only $67.95
On SALE for only $61.95
A sturdy 18" tall dog diner for large dogs!!
Zebra Print Designer Dog Carrier Bag
Only $55.95
Attractive designer prints for these dog bags!
Moretti Double Bowl Dog Diner
Only $79.95
A sturdy and durable raised double bowl dog diner!!
Designer Noblesse Dog Gates
Only $199.99
On SALE for only $169.99
An exquisite dog gate for your doorway or the hallway!!
Designer PVC Print Dog Carrier
Only $85.95
On SALE for only $78.95
Attractive, stylish and classic designer dog tote bag!!
Great Paw Designer Orthopedic Dog Bed
Only $207.95
On SALE for only $195.95
The Ultimate Designer Orthopedic Dog Bed!!
Designer Plush Dog Carrier Bag
Only $55.95
A designer dog hand bag that's soft and plush!!
Designer Wooden Dog Cottage House
Only $169.95
Such a cozy wooden dog house with fibreboard top!!!
Dog Corner Bed w/ Bolster
Only $73.95
The perfect fit in your corner!
Designer QPet Dog Bubble Jacket
Only $33.95
Attractive and stylish designer dog jacket!!
Dog Mat/Throw Rug
Only $11.95
A neat dual purpose small dog mat/throw rug!!
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This page includes pet carriers, dog sofa, dog blanket, dog clothing, dog jackets and dog donut bed currently on clearance sale at Dog Beds Galore. The discount pet carriers are small, soft, luxury, fashion carriers for your dog, cat or ferret. As a pet carrier tote, they may be used as a pet carrier purse.

Colors, sizes and stock availability may vary

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  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Designer Indoor Dog House/Bed
An exceptionally comfortable designer small dog house/bed in four variations. It's a unique dog house/bed with front and side doors. It is zippered for easy folding and portability. A machine-washable dog bed.
Item No. PEH006
2.   Dog Casual Tank Top
A lovely embroidered dog tank top useful for several occasions. Available in red or blue color it is a good addition to your dog apparel.
Item No. AN10804
3.   Great Paw Intrepid Soft Pet Carrier
A small soft designer dog tote bag available in pink and black color options. The Great Paw Soft Pet Carrier is compact and light and ideal for easy travel. Collapses in seconds.
Item No. SC07
4.   Designer Dog T-Shirt
Your dog T-shirt comes in green, pink and orange colors and four sizes. This polo dog t shirt is comfortable and makes a great casual wear for your dog.
Item No. AN10806
5.   Designer Pull-over Dog T-Shirt
A designer dog t-shirt with embroidery design logos and Raglin sleeves. Your dog t-shirt is made with poly/cotton fabric and is machine washable.
Item No. AN10113
6.   Designer Q Pet Polo Dog T shirt
You and your dog will be very pleased with this colorful and attractive dog T-shirt. The stripes enhance the personality of your dog and makes her stand out.
Item No. AN10114
7.   Designer Seersucker Dog Summer Dress
A designer pink & white dog summer dog dress made from seersucker fabric. Dog dress sizes range from tiny dog dress to large dress for a dog. A fine piece of dress up dog clothes.
Item No. AN10202
All prices in US Dollars
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