Oval Base Pet Diner (1/2 pt.)

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Oval Base Pet Diner (1/2 pt.)

Oval Base Pet Diner (1/2 pt.)

Just right for my pup!!
Oval Base Pet Diner (1/2 pt.)
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Raised Oval Pet Dog Diner


This raised oval pet dog diner is designed with the comfort and safety of your pet in mind. It is an elevated dog feeder that places your pet's health equal to your requirement for function and design. Your oval pet diner is intended for small pets only.

Elevated dog diners reduce the stress that dogs and cats experience when using conventional floor-level dog/pet bowls. For example, the pain of arthritis may prevent your pet from bending over for the amount of time necessary to eat and drink as much as is necesssary from the dog feeding dish.

Veterinarians recommend elevated dog diners. Using raised dog bowls will encourage proper nutrition, especially for older pets that suffer from neck or back arthritis. Also, you will reduce the intake of excess air and the occurrence of gas if you use elevated dog diners when feeding your special pet.

With this raised oval bowl dog diner, pets tend not to gulp their food, which contributes to the medical condition called bloat in larger dogs. If you have puppies that suffer from megaesophagus, or pets with arthritic conditions, this elevated oval shaped dog diner is a "must have".

An added benefit is that elevated dog diners help keep your dog's feeding station clean. With raised dog bowls, water cannot collect under the dog bowls and form unsanitary mold and mildew.

In addition, your pet will be less tempted to push the elevated dog bowl around the floor. Pet owners with stiff muscles and sore joints will never have to bend all the way down again to pick up the dog bowl!!

One size and three colors. See the order information box below for details.

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Weight: 3 lbs
Height: 3"
Bowl capacity small pets: 1/2 pt.
Bowl capacity for cats: 6 oz.
Features Benefits
A pet diner especially for small pets
Easily cleaned pet diner
Only 3" from the floor
A very safe dog/cat diner