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A 15" and 18" tall raised single mesh dog diner suitable for large dogs. This 3 quart dog diner is available in black with wrought iron base and stainless steel dog bowl.
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Designer Dog Dress Costume

Designer Dog Dress Costume

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Designer Dog Dress Costume
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Designer Dog Dress Costumes

Why not dress up your dog in a dog costume? Whatever the occasion, you'll be happy with the dog costume dresses offered here.

Check out these cute dog dress costumes. Your designer dog apparel is available in several options. Whether you are looking for small dog clothes, medium dog clothes, large dog clothes, pink dog clothes or blue dog clothes, these pet dog coats will fit almost any breed.

Your dog apparel comes in three sizes: extra small dog apparel, medium dog apparel and large dog apparel.

 Blue Dog Halloween Costume 2185B
Blue Dog Halloween Costume w/pumpkin 2185B
 Pink Dog Halloween Costume 2185P
Pink Dog Halloween Costume w/pumpkin 2185P

Useful for many occasions, you can select a pet dog costume dress for an Easter Bunny dog costume, a dog halloween costume, or a Christmas costume dress for your dog.   

For example, you will find the Pink or the Blue Bunny Dog costume dress ideal during the Easter season, while the Busy Bee dog dress costume is a buzz.

These designer dog clothes are made from a luxurious fleece fabric that keeps your pet warm in her winter dog clothes. Take a good look at the Santa Claus Xmas dog costume.

You will find very affordable dog clothes here, whether you want tiny dog clothes, little dog clothes, large dog clothes, or large breed dog clothes, The fleece fabric is soft and very comfortable, making your dog apparel well suited for winter dog clothes.

The variations in this line of designer dog clothes/apparel also include the tiger dress costume for your dog, the blue and pink horse costume dress for your pet dog, the monkey costume, the lion king costume dress, and the dog halloween dresses also for small or large pet dogs.

 Tiger dress costume for dog/pet
Tiger dog costume dress
 Blue Horse dress costume for dog/pet
Blue horse dog costume dress
 Pink Horse dress costume for dog/pet
Pink horse dog costume dress
 Monkey dress costume for dog/pet
Monkey dog costume dress
 Lion King dress costume for dog/pet
Lion King dog costume dress
 pumpkin dog dress blue
Blue Halloween Costume w/pumpkin
 Designer Pink Bunny dog costume
Pink Bunny dog costume dress
 Designer Blue Bunny dog costume for your pet
Blue Bunny dog costume dress
 Busy Bee dress costume for dog/pet
Busy Bee dog costume dress
 Santa Claus Xmas Dog Costume
Santa Claus Xmas Dog Costume

Your designer pet/dog apparel or pet/dog costume has integrated half sleeves that allow for ease of movement. So whatever the special occasion, dress up your dog, and watch her enjoy the colorful dog costume. She will be the talk of the parties.

When you dress up your dog in her pink, blue or other animal-colored clothes, you will be rewarded with so many great and humorous photo opportunities.

The table below helps you choose the right dog costume dress clothing. Measure your dog from the base of the neck to its tail to get the correct size dog clothes.

Dog Costume Dress Size

Dog Costume Dress Will Fit

up to 10" Small

Toy Poodle; Yorkshire Terrier; Chihuahua; Pomeranian; Silky Terrier; Boston Terrier; Maltese; Jack Russell Terrier; Pug

11"- 14" Medium

Cocker Spaniel; Scottish Terrier; Bichon Frise; Beagle; Corgi

15"-18" Large

Springer Spaniel; Brittany Spaniel; Border Collie; Dalmatian

Small dog costume dress: up to 10"
Medium dog costume dress: 11" to 14"
Large dog costume dress: 15" to 18"
Features Benefits
Costumes made from fleece fabric Makes a soft and comfortable dog apparel
Integrated half sleeves Easy movement for your beloved pet in its costume
Very colorful costumes Vibrant photo opportunities with your dog
Different animals and seasons featured on these dog costumes Your dog and its costume will be the talk of the social scene