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Extra Wide Freestanding Dog Gate
The tall extra wide freestanding indoor dog barrier gate you've always wanted!!!
Great Deal!!
$279.95 Reg.
$229.95 SALE

Extra Wide Freestanding Dog Gate

Always wanted an extra wide indoor freestanding dog gate? Take a look at this large triple panel iron pet gate. It is the tall dog gate (38 inches) that dog owners call the perfect indoor dog gate.

Your extra large dog gate weighs 27 lbs which makes it an effective dog barrier gate for even your biggest dog. The trifold panel design of your tall dog gate allows you to restrict access to the widest hallways.

It is a large expandable and portable dog pet gate with rubber stoppers to prevent scratching of your floors. So whether you have big dogs or you have large areas to restrict access, your expandable freestanding dog gate can be expanded to 56" wide.

The attractive emperor rings on the bars of your freestanding iron dog gate will certainly enhance the decor in your home.

The frontal view of your tall (38") extra wide and expandable (36" to 56" wide) dog barrier gate is shown below. The panels on this dog gate fold inwards for easy storage.

Frontal view of extra wide dog barrier gate
Frontal view of extra wide freestanding dog barrier gate

The dimensions for your emperor rings freestanding extra wide dog gate are shown below the order box.

Order Information

Item Number: DG5

Price: $279.95 Reg.   $229.95 SALE

Extra Shipping:$43.95




  • Sturdy dog gate holds back big dogs
  • Available as extra wide black dog gate
  • Attractive emperor rings on bars of the dog gate
  • Iron pet gate with rubber support prevent floor scratching
  • Triple panel of dog gate folds easily for storage


Weight of extra wide dog gate: 27 lbs
Height of tall dog gate: 38"
Width of expandable dog gate: 36" to 56"
Distance between bars on dog gate: 2 1/4 inches
Middle panel: 35.5"
Side panels: 16.5" each

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