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Beasley's Couch/Designer Foam Dog Bed (Poly-Suede w/Berber)
The perfect pet foam dog bed for additional comfort!
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Beasley's Couch / Designer Foam Dog Bed (PolySuede)

An absolutely perfect combination of high style and maximum comfort! The Beasley's Couch (Polysuede w/berber) gives your pet its own personal couch to unwind.

This Beasley's Couch/Designer Foam Dog Bed is made in the United States. Your dog couch features complementary colors and the bottom of this polysuede pet dog couch/designer dog bed is a thick convoluted orthopedic "egg crate" foam.

Your Beasley's Couch is designed with the original classic look. Once you acquire this orthopedic polysuede designer dog bed you will notice the comfortable rest it gives your dog.

Whether you use your designer dog bed as a dog bed or as a dog couch, you will love the firm orthopedic support it offers.

The overstuffed bolster in this dog bed/couch is filled with a hypo-allergenic Hypro-Loft poly fill fiber, an exclusive blend of virgin and recycled fibers, used by Caddis in the manufacture of its dog beds.

Your Beasley's dog Couch gives unmatched loft retention; it will not shift nor mat. Your orthopedic dog couch/bed keeps its shape during washing or under extended use.

Both the polypropylene liner and the cover of this Beasley's designer orthopedic polysuede dog couch/bed are removable, washable and dryable.

You can also hand-wash the thick convoluted foam bottom of your Beasley's Couch/dog bed. Available sizes: Sm (20" x 25"); Med (25" x 35"); LG (30" x 40"); XL (34" x 54").

The fabric for this high style Beasley's Couch/dog bed is a quality embossed poly-suede material, a cotton/polyester blend with Sherpa. The embossed paw prints help to complement your home decor. 

  Beasley's Couch Polysuede Blue
Beasley's Couch P-Suede Blue
  Beasley's Couch Polysuede Sage
Beasley's Couch P-Suede Sage
   Beasley's Couch Polysuede Tan
Beasley's Couch P-Suede Tan
  Beasley's Couch  Blue Sherpa Top
Beasley's Couch Blue Sherpa Top
  Beasley's Couch Oatmeal Sherpa Top
Beasley's Couch Oatmeal Sherpa

  Beasley's Couch Chocolate Sherpa Top
Beasley's Couch Choc Sherpa

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limitations of digital imaging and the color settings on your monitor, the colors shown may not be exact.

Your Beasley's Couch has its own patent. Patent # D414,003
Beasley's Couch voted # 1 pet bed

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  • Beasley's Couch Cover: Cotton-polyester blend with Sherpa; removable, washable & dryable.
  • Beasley's Couch Bolster: Polypropylene liner with Hydro-Loft fiber filling; removable, washable & dryable.
  • Beasley's Couch Bottom: Thick convoluted foam, hand washable.


Small Beasley's Couch: 20" x 25"
Medium Beasley's Couch: 25" x 33"
Large Beasley's Couch: 30" x 40"
Extra Large Beasley'sCouch: 34" x 54"

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